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Jack Peachey

A typing Error (...)

By • Oct 20th, 2008 • Category: demonstration

Upon listening to Jack Peachey’s five-track demo it’s hard to believe it was recorded when he was 16. Jack now records under the name Gallery 47 and based on this it should be a name we hear more of.

From the first track ‘Companion’ you can hear a tender singer songwriter that is mature well beyond his years. Second track ‘Poetry Workshop’ is a beautifully tranquil folk song accompanied by violin and acoustic guitar. On this track you start to hear a Tom McRae style developing, which is not a bad place to start.

His maturity shines through in both ‘Hopeless’ and ‘A Typing Error’. It’s certainly early to be throwing out lines like “All my dreams are gone, with all my chances lost” in the former but in the latter it’s hard to imagine how someone of his age could capture the complexity of love so well.

If you can get your hands on this demo then do because it’s well worth a listen. With any luck a label will snap up Jack soon and we’ll be hearing more of him. If it happens let’s just hope he doesn’t change because on this showing, he’s perfectly good doing what he does.

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