Single review

Ivan Makvel

Ivan Makvel gets the foot tapping with his new single – one of the freshest funk releases to grace the airwaves in 2021, and it is already proving to be an instant hit for the Italian producer and songwriter.

It is a track that delves deep into modern electronic funk, and Ivan gets the listener gripping on for dear life from the get-go. Furthermore, it has an irresistible cadence which is challenging to key at bay once it kicks off. Moreover, it starts with a radiant overture with a synth rising to the surface with a beat that taps way with vitality.

Ivan then leaps forward with a vocal comparable to some of the greats in the modern scene, such as Calvin Harris. However, he is not a mirror image of anyone who has walked the path before. Also, Ivan adds the perfect backing harmonies, which gives the track a profound stereo feel, and he fills the room in the mix with effects that make a refreshing listen.

What makes ‘How You Make Me Feel’ so potent is the catchy melody that leaps out of the refrain. It is memorable, and the words echo around in mind well after it concludes. Likewise, the music is contagious, with many sounds rising out of the mix. Furthermore, the excitement does not stop with energy leaking out of every corner of the compound.

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