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itm? presents: mp3 EP # 2

download EP #2 (4-track free download)

By • Aug 15th, 2009 • Category: news

After some slight delay, the itm? download system brings you, for FREE, 4 more must-hear tracks.itm?

Yes, four more free downloads, ‘donated’ by itm? favourites, just like on the cover CDs from the paper version of the magazine. (except they’re MP3s. Obviously).

This time, we present:

Spare Snare – ‘We Know the Truth’, from their eighth album I Love You, I Hate You
The Scaramanga Six – ‘You Should Have Killed Me When You Had The Chance’ – itm? readers will recall this lot on cover CD 12?
Darren Hayman – ‘Losing My Glue’ – from the former Hefner frontman’s solo album Pramtown
Cruiser – ‘Skyflowers (extended)’ – Dunfermline band who after appearing in itm? issue 1 disappeared for roughly the life of the mag. Now they’re back with their second album for KFM Records.

Proceed to our download page – and do sign up to ensure you receive news on future releases.

These are hosted by our good friends at threadsofsound, who regularly host and record for download gigs by some of itm?’s other favourites.

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