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Scotland’s favourite indie music website was previously available in magazine format – and back issues are still available to purchase
Each issue costs £3, but as most buyers order a few at a time, drop us a note and we’ll do you a deal. Saves on postage as well!

And we are finding old issues every time we clear out a cupboard (a wee batch of the Sons and Daughters cover issue just appeared) so worth emailing us to ask just in case we have the one you’re after. Though there’s NO chance of a Franz Ferdinand issue showing up, we fear!

Here’s the old order form area which shows you what’s in which issue, though we’ve disabled the order buttons as we say, email us!
Issue 25 with cover stars Idlewild, plus Biffy Clyro, Aereogramme, Future Pilot AKA, Aidan Moffat, The Royal We, Malcolm Middleton, The Rapture, Kid Canaveral, Howling Bells, Black Wire, The Primary 5, & Say Dirty Records

CD includes: We Are The Physics, Future Pilot AKA, The Scottish Enlightenment, Dumb Instrument, Kid Canaveral, Barbarossa, The Primary 5, Butcher Boy, Malcolm Middleton, The Marcia Blaine School For Girls, The Great Money Trick & The Plimptons

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Issue 24 with cover stars Aberfeldy, plus The Long Blondes, Dananananaykroyd ,We Are The Physics, Malcolm Ross, Xvectors, Pat Nevin, Great Money Trick, Low Miffs

CD includes: Arab Strap, Blaknoisewhitesoul, Dananananaykroyd, We Were Promised Jetpacks, The Porch Song Anthology, Scunner, Uncle Fritz, Royal Treatment Plant, Eric Euan, Laki Mera

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Issue 23 with cover star James Yorkston, plus Frightened Rabbit, Remote Sound, Freeheat, Scunner, The Needles, Green Peppers, Thee Moths, & the BMX Bandits, Twitch and Wilkes (Optimo), Chemikal Underground Records, We Were Promised Jetpacks, We Are The Physics.

CD includes: Odeon Beat Club, Mouse Eat Mouse, Green Peppers, Spare Snare, Thee Moths, Beerjacket, Freeheat, The Just Joans, Jack Butler, & The Needles

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Issue 22 with cover stars Camera Obscura, De Rosa, Found, The Divine Comedy, Bill Wells, How To Swim, The Very, Foxface, Mercury Tilt Switch, Persil & Y’All Is Fantasy Island, Copy Haho & Eric Euan.

CD includes: North Atlantic Oscillation, Tells, The Very, Luxury Car, Frightened Rabbit, Species 8472, Zea, Bill Wells, Sucioperro & Solipsism

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Issue 21 with covers stars 1990s, King Biscuit Time, Alamos, Frances McKee, Quinn, Bricolage, Darren Hayman, theonewhoflew, TV Smith, PuMaJaw, Miss The Occupier, Amplifico.

CD includes: TV Smith, Frances McKee, Endor, Amplifico, Y’all Is Fantasy Island, PuMaJaW, Attic Lights, Isa And The Filthy Tongues, Bricolage, Quinn….

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Issue 19/20 – bumper double issue, with King Creosote, Dawn of The Replicants, Flying Matchstick Men, Drive by Argument, Bob Mould, Saint Jude’s Infirmary, Popup, Music and Movement, River Detectives, Thee Comrades, Hazey Janes, Looper, Primal Scream…plus, CARTOON, & STUDIO TIPS.

CD includes: Ives, Fighting Cocks, Germlin, Money Can’t Buy Music, Viva Stereo, Say Jansfield, Gasgiant, Primevals, Izu

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Issue 18 with Arab Strap under the cover, plus Things in Herds, Money Can’t Buy Music, The Zephyrs, One Records, Fire Engines, Magic Daddy, Mother & the Addicts, Lucky Luke, Eugene Kelly

CD includes: Eugene Kelly, Sans Trauma, Textadventure, Music And Movement, Mother & The Addicts, Tibi Lubin, Catcher, Things In Herds, Zephyrs, & Zuba.

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Issue 17 with David Jack, Colin Newman, Errors, My Latest Novel, Wild Strawberry

CD includes: Flying Matchstick Men, Electrum, Chreubs, Nasty P, Wild Strawberry, Julia Thirteen, Windsor For The Derby, Q Without U, Githead & Alamos

order #17________________________________________________

Issue 16 with Belle and Sebastian, Malcolm Middleton, Data Panik, Monica Queen, Hookers Green No 1, Christ…

CD includes: Malcolm Middleton, Marmaduke Duke, Reograd, Genaro, Macrocosmica, Calvin, Monica Queen, Spyamp, Salon Boris & Tantrum.

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Issue 15 with Teenage Fanclub, New Order, Low, Jim McCulloch/Green Peppers, Alasdair Roberts, Luxury Car, Desc, Fence Collective, The Scars, Sensational Alex Harvey Band…

CD includes: Dead Fly Buchowski, King Creosote, Summer of Mars, Last Harbour, Mercury Tilt Switch, De Rosa, Pale Man Made, Stick Finlays, Synonym & theoceanfloor.

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Issue 14 with Dead Fly Buchowski, Aberfeldy, Idlewild, Inch Blue, Le Reno Amps, Earsugar Records… and the all-time 100 great Scottish albums

CD includes: Flaming Stars, My Latest Novel , Josephine, Saint Judes Infirmary, El Hombre Trajeado, Luxury Car, Telemachus, Jay Sansfield, Giant Haystacks & Misty’s Big Adventure

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Issue 13 with cover stars The Delgados plus REM, Aereogramme, ballboy, The Aphrodisiacs, Proforma, Mylo, Creeping Bent Records…

CD includes: Bozilla, Trashcan Sinatras,The Sky At Night, Motormark, Ostle Bay, The Delgados, ProForma, Daniel Patrick Quinn, Aereogramme, & Errors

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Issue 11 with cover stars Mull Historical Society, plus The Kitchen, Marina Records, Kasino, Multiplies, British Sea Power, Jim Gellatly, Scatter, Triptych, Freestyle Master

CD includes: The Kitchen, James Yorkston / HMS Ginafore, Hoboken, Kasino, Twisterbait, Ally Kerr, Freestyle Master, Scatter, Red Bee Society, & Desc

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