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itm? #21 available online NOW!
with Alamos, Bricolage, Darren Hayman, theonewhoflew, TV Smith, PuMaJaw, Miss The Occupier… comptitions for tickets to Triptych and Tigerfest... and…

1990s mainman John McKeown on music: ““Rock n roll, what is there to say about it? How can you discuss a Jerry Lee Lewis record?"




Frances McKee on how her son supplied her with album title Sunny Moon: “he didn’t know it was the sun and said it was a sunny moon. I liked it. He will probably sue me for copyright in a few years time.” ‘”



Steve Mason aka King BiscuitTime on music in politics:
I used to see musicians on TV talking about politics and think ‘shut the fuck up and make some good music’. “Personally music is my first and foremost thing… I just want to include a little bit of politics in what I do, for me in this country, things are happening which I can’t just shut up about and can’t be apathetic about – so as long as I’m doing it in a way that’s not ramming it down people’s throats..”



Louise Quinn on their ‘fee’ Kid loco too for producing their album: “That’s all we’ve paid him so far!… I mean, it WAS pretty good weed. The cats got stoned off the passive.”



Amplifico’s Donna Maciocia on her hopes for the rest of the year: “Oh and I’d like to have received a call from KT saying ‘Donna, my label are finally going to let you guys come support me on a 16 date tour! Howsaboutit?’”




Miss The Occupier on, well, themselves:
"Loud songs, twisted vocals, pirates and pink gloves."




Jim Gellatly on The Proclaimers, Arctic Monkeys and Glasevgas: “Sheffield accents can play a part in the success on one of the year’s biggest bands, why not Scottish accents."




150 releases reviewed – singles from FO Machete, Data Panik, Liars, Cinematics… albums by Alex Smoke, Hefner, Electroluvs, Grandaddy, Stereolab and, Andy Reilly on The Fallen Leaf Pages:”The Radar Brothers’ return is yet another wistful, melodic tour-de-force that will drag you from depression to contentment.”"


shedload of live reviews including:Gogol Bordello, Calamateur, King Creosote, Bromheads Jacket, Jenny Lewis, DriveBy Argument, Buzzcocks….. and Al Nero saw Darren Hayman perform: “Darren closes the set with a sterling performance of ‘The Sad Witch’, which just helps to remind you how many great songs this man has written and after this performance, how many more he’s capable of.”



and demos, news, upcoming events…

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