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with Things in Herds, Money Can’t Buy Music, The Zephyrs, One Records, and…

Aidan Moffat on the new Arab Strap album: “At least 65% of the album’s about being happy and in love, and it has a very happy ending.”

Fire Engines’ Davy Henderson: “My mum heard that first recording of ‘Get Up And Use Me’, and she said, "David, you sound like the Devil.”

Magic Daddy on what inspires him to make music? “Having a shit day at work!”

Mother (of the Addicts) on their famous labelmates at Chemikal Underground : “It’s alright if you keep eye contact and don’t make any sudden movements.”

Lucy from Lucky Luke, on the art of songwriting: “I can’t stand listening to guys on acoustic guitars going ‘I love you, I miss you’ it’s so boring!

Jim Gellatly on podcasting: “It’s like comparing a fanzine to the NME. Both have their place and can feed off each other.

Eugene Kelly on the anti-globalisation song ‘Dear John’: “The whole street was flooded. It looked like a river and I hoped it had come to wash away all the rubbish like Starbucks.”

And live reviews aplenty.
The Green Man festival: “Of all the acts here, it’s Alasdair Roberts who reaches furthest into folk’s dark heart, reviving ancient death ballads to stunning effect.“

On My Latest Novel at Tigerfest: “The 4 part harmonies are their secret weapon and a little more of that would stop this rise to fame from stalling too early.“

The Zutons at T on the Fringe: “For all the will or lukewarm Tennents in the world, there are some gigs that just don’t take off.“

a shedload of live reviews including: Editors, David Jack, The Magnificents, Wedding Present, Yo La Tengo, Dot Allison, The X1, KT Tunstall, Dresden Dolls / Lapsus Linguae, Alfie, The Cinematics, Magic Numbers, Jupter & Teardrop

Plus full reviews of over 100 records :Shout Out Louds, Mew, Snowblood, Mistys Big Adventure, Beta Band, Broadcast, King Creosote, Cayto, Decoration, Emer, Mars Volta, Viva Stereo
and demos, news, upcoming events…
and as if that wasn’t enough – a FREE CD !!!
Eugene Kelly, Sans Trauma, Textadventure, Music And Movement, Mother and The Addicts, Tibi Lubin, Catcher, Things In Herds, The Zephyrs, & Zuba.

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