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David Jack on his musical motivation: "I suppose I am inspired by the fear of going through life without leaving anything behind"

Colin Newman on the comparisons between his new band and Wire: "Githead is very much a band with its own musical personality"


Errors on mixing their new album with Mogwai’s John Cummings: "Hopefuly when we get round to mixing it he will press the LOUD button a lot"



My Latest Novel on knuckling down to work "Now we’re back in Greenock there’s nothing to do so we practise three, four nights a week"

Wild Strawberry on their ambitions: "I’d lke us to be a Scottish act that peole rate alongside Aztec Camera, Prange Juice and The Smiths"

a shedload of live reviews including: Anthony & The Johnsons, Malcolm MIddleton, Sigur Ros, Idlewild, Sons and Daughters, Data Panik, Smog, Oasis, El Presidente, and Hookers Green,
plus we cover T in the Park & the Wickerman festivals.

Plus full reviews of over 100 records: Editors,Frog Pocket, Pajo,Orange Juice, Stuart A Staples
and a bunch of demos dissected, plus news, upcoming events…
and as if that wasn’t enough – a FREE CD !!!
Flying Matchstick Men, Electrum, Chreubs, Nasty P, Wild Strawberry, Julia Thirteen, Windsor For The Derby, Q Without U, Githead & Alamos

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