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Teenage Fanclub
on working with Tortoise’s John
McEntire: "he’d put down basic tracks and then say ‘come
in and have a listen’ – and then play it back really quietly!"




chatting with New
: “I suppose with a band like New Order
it’s just a case of pressing a button and the album’s made?”
Hooky: "OOOOH, if you weren’t such a big lad I’d take you
outside and kick seven shades of shit out of you!"

from Low on the
gradual slowing down of theirlive set: “By the end of the
tour these songs would be just like water torture”




his album of murder ballads: “I wanted to
make an album about death that wasn’t grim or gothic”




on dispensing with live percussion: “I
just got sick of having to lug a drum kit all over the place!”




Kielty on the Sensational
Alex Harvey Band
album Next
: “SAHB were opening the show at Reading … the
sun was going down, Alex sang "let me put my hands on you"
and everyone went wild… next year they went back and headlined……”

live reviews of 50 acts: M83, errors,
My Latest Novel, Mercury Rev, Aberfeldy
and The Others,
plus :

Velvet Revolver
at Glasgow Academy :"single ‘Slither’ is searing and gives
Slash another chance to let rip,a slight smile playing on his
lips – and why not…”
At The Delgados
show in Perth – Perth Australia that is  :the band "unleash
a captivating fourteen song/ two encore set of guitar driven pop
smash, filled to the back paddock in melodies, harmonies,
hooks and the odd unfortunate story…”
Slint curated
All Tomorrow’s Parties
own live set “doesn’t really add anything
to the recorded versions, but then this carefully constructed
music doesn’t really lend itself to improvisation. Live,
these songs sound immense, and that’s enough for me. ”
and our new-look albums review summary section withat-a-glance
summaries, plus full reviews of over 100 records: Magoo,
Dawn of the Replicants, Trail of Dead, Calamateur, Auterche, David
Jack, British Sea Power, Colditz, Daft Punk

and a bunch of demos dissected, plus news, upcoming events…
and as if that wasn’t enough – a FREE CD !!!
Fly Buchowski, King Creosote, Summer of Mars, Last Harbour, Mercury
Tilt Switch, De Rosa, Pale Man Made, Stick Finlays, Synonym &

of course, how the public voted
in our 100 Greatest Scottish albums in the World, Ever!

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