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Fly Buchowski’s Roddy Campbell
on Glasgow’s music
scene: “It’s so far removed from A&R no-one’s
really trying to copy sounds or jump on bandwagons. The bands
coming through are all different ”


Jim Gellatly on
chatting with Idlewild:
“Sorry to the indie purists out there, but the Idlewild
of today is a far more complete musical entity. Thankfully the
rough edges are still there, and Warnings / Promises is as exciting
a listen as Captain was, just more mature..”

from Aberfeldy on
Belle and Sebastian comparisons: “Until we were given a
bunch of their CDs by Rough Trade we had never heard them.”

Inch Blue

on their contemporaries:
“We can’t help feeling that bands like Interpol have almost
stolen our thunder – ‘Turn On The Bright Lights’ was
the kind of stuff I was writing back in Dundee and I got called
a goth for it!”

on their varied musical influences: “We’re
more into ‘songs than genre’s and the mix-tape sound is what we
were aiming at.”


Records’ Jay Ahern
on their ‘Jukebox’ series:
“The sad truth is that i have a fascination of old jukeboxes,
seebergs, rock-o-la’s…”

live reviews of 30-plus acts including:

whose set at Glasgow Academy shows "why REM are such big
fans: it’s the sort of sweeping art-rock elegy Stipe and
co used to do so well..”
At Creeping Bent‘s
10th Anniversary show at Mono: ‘Jay Sansfield’s
tunes are in tEMt style: dips, characterised by soaring vocals
which swoop Beach Boys-style, and meandering and jerky rhythms
which make his sound unique. Rather like his label, in fact.”
The Magnificents
perform at Edinburgh’s new night
: “Tearing through their set at Mach
three, it’s electro punk as it should only ever be- savage,
ear splitting and more edgy than… well, something really
fucking edgy. If they don’t break in a big way soon there’s
truly something wrong with music. ”
and our new-look albums review summary section with easy-for-the-hard-of-thinking
star reviews of over 100 record reviews: Bonnie
‘Prince’ Billy, The Pictish Trail, Death In Vegas,
Low, Midnight Movies, Sam Prekop, Trembling Blue Stars, Magnolia
Electric Company, The Decider, Luna, Laurent Garnier, Lemon Jelly,
… and a fistful of demos rated,plus news,
upcoming events…
and as if that wasn’t enough – a FREE CD !!!
Flaming Stars, My Latest Novel ,
Josephine, Saint Judes Infirmary, El Hombre Trajeado, Luxury Car,
Telemachus, Jay Sansfield, Giant Haystacks &
Misty’s Big Adventure

of course, our 100 Greatest Scottish albums in the World,
vote – Will it be Belle and Sebastian,
Travis, The Stretcheads, or
Arab Strap. Or even someone else? Only you can

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