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Emma Pollock
on touring in the USA: “The
first time I was obsessed with all the silly differences, like
the fact that steam really does come up through the pavement in
New York and the huge size of all the trucks and cars… Now that
the rose tinted specs are off I can see the country a lot more
for what it is.”

Jim Gellatly on
his close encounter with REM:
“We pride ourselves on the legendary status of the Glasgow
Barrowland, but Michael didn’t seem to have a clear picture of
playing there. It took Peter Buck to point out that he was actually
talking about the Playhouse.”

from Aereogramme
on soundtracking horror movies: “I was imagining the lampshade
moving across the ceiling of its own accord and the idea struck
me that what’s in the head can be much scarier than any
kind of monster.”

Gordon Macintyre
on ballboy’s
songwriting process: “Gary our drummer has a theory that
I just write the same song lots of different ways. He might be

on their esteemed fans: “We
did have Simon Williams up to see us play at the start of the
year who said we where like watching Sonic Youth battle it out
with New Order at chess. Whether this is cool our not is maybe
debatable now, he did sign Keane after all…”

from Proforma
on a famous ex-bandmate: “Paul (Thomson) was a big part
of the band for a long time… talking about him in reference
to this CD is completely sensible.”

Miles McInnes – on self-releasing his
album: “Major labels have been coming in and trying to sign
the album up and we’ve been trying to decide whether to
take the money and run. We’ve managed to resist the temptation
so far.”

Plus, Creeping Bent
Records profiled as they reach 10 years in business…

live reviews of nearly 50 acts including:

who unveiled “suspiciously calculated saccharine newies.
Curious newcomers might be impressed. Purists won’t.”
The Hives: “With
seemingly endless reserves of energy they dish out one rama-lama
pop thrill after another, to a ravenous audience.”
“The fact that they are depressingly young, handsome future
electro teen pin-up sensations with cheekbones you could cut glass
with won’t hurt their chances either.”
and our new-look albums review summary section with easy-for-the-hard-of-thinking
star reviews of over 100 record reviews:
Misty’s Big Adventure, My Legendary Girlfriend, Croft No.
5, Penpushers, September Collective, American Music Club

… and a fistful of demos rated, news, upcoming events…
and as if that wasn’t enough – a FREE CD !!!
Bozilla, Trashcan Sinatras,The Sky
At Night, Motormark, Ostle Bay, The Delgados, ProForma, Daniel
Patrick Quinn, Aereogramme
, & Errors

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