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2. CD
Laeto – Human Is Not Alone
Jupiter & Teardrop – Bring Me Down
Decider – Happy In My Zoo
G-Plan – Feeling For Snow
Scaramanga 6 – The Poison Pen
Gum – Sun Splits The Sky
Le Reno Amps – 2nd Look
Driverdown – The First Day
Uncle John & Whitelock – 2 Fiddy
Lucky Luke – Burnt Man
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page 3
Undergroove Records
The Delgados
Chemikal Underground
Darvel Music Festival
Way To Blue
PIAS Recordings
Appendix Out
Drag City
Trashcan Sinatras
Biffy Clyro


Dogs Die in Hot Cars
Unkle Bob
Vic Galloway
Franz Ferdinand
Mercury Music Award
Belle and Sebastian
Snow Patrol
The Beta Band
In The City
Raar, Desc and Rico Popkomm
The Big Issue in Scotland
Catcher ad
The Big Issue in Scotland ad
5. Jim Gellatly
Fierce Panda
6. Thee Moths
6. Deep Peace
7. up and coming
The Sky at Night
Gremlin CD ad
8. Cayto

8. singles
Figure 5 – Topper (Sunstone Records)
Kalamazoo – Bloodletting EP (Homegrown Recording)
Jupiter And Teardrop – Bring Me Down (Buchanan Drive)
Stigma – Bronx Cheer (Spermatoza)
Polly Paulusma – Give It Back (One Little Indian)
The Trend – The Trend
Dave Arcari – Blue Country Steel (Buzz)
Goldie Lookin’ Chain – Guns Don’t Kill People, Rappers Do
The Yards – Only Myself to Blame (Global Warming)
The Hives – Walk Idiot Walk (Polydor)
McKinney – Surreal (Attica)
Underbelly – Underbelly EP
Bonnie Prince Billy: Agnes, Queen of Sorrow (Domino)
Clor – Good Stuff (Regal)**
Various – Asking For Trouble (CHU)
The Beta Band – Out Side (Regal)
The Star69 – So What’s the News (Pet Lamb)
Palm Springs – Tender Remains**
Corker Conboy – Six For Five (Vertical Form)
Red Man Walking – Four Tales For John EP (Fat Hippy Records)
Ash – Starcrossed

S-Type – Soul For Your Stereo
We Yo Nee – Needs Must (Surface Pressure)
Jane No – Consumer Electronics (ERF)**
Red Bee Society – When We Talk Of Horses (Gantry Records)
The Zips – DumbStruck EP (Tenement Toons)
Clinic – Magician (Domino)
Caro Snatch – Tidal Warning EP (X-static)
Jet Johnson – Death Song (Seriously Groovy)
Various – Glowing Underground (Fierce Panda)
Candidate – Another One Down (Snowstorm)
International Pop Assassins – Summer (Seminal)
Brady Cole – Illness of Hype (Cross)
OK Junior – The Floating Formation EP (Seldom)
OK Junior
Caro Snatch
The Decider – Unshakeable (Toppler)
Anna Kashfi – Lakeside Call (Stolenwine)
Jesse Malin – Mona Lisa (One Little Indian)
Mercury Tilt Switch / The A Forest (2MF)
Longview – In a Dream (14th Floor)
Laura Cantrell – The Hello Recordings EP (Spit & Polish)
The Real Tuesday Weld – The Ugly and the Beautiful (PIAS)

10. Thee Moths
11. Gargleblast Records
12. Jupiter and Teardrop
13. Hoboken
14. Deep Peace
14. album reviews
Mark Lanegan Band – Bubblegum (Beggars Banquet)
State Shirt – Don’t Die (LFA Recordings)
Beastie Boys – Rhyme The Rhyme Well (CD ROM VIDEO) (EMI)
V/A – Rip Off Your Labels: More Angular Product (Angular Recording Corporation)
The Owsley Sunshine-Another Kind Of Summer (Start A Riot)
Tanya Donelly – whiskey tango ghosts (4AD)
The Best of Animals That Swim: Faded Glamour (Snowstorm)
Muleskinner Jones – Death Row Hoedown (Red Meat Records)
Razorlight – Up All Night (Vertigo Records)
Iron and Wine – Our Endless Numbered Days (SubPop)
Sam Phillips: A Boot and a Shoe (Nonesuch)
Boxstep – Backroads (Homesleep)
Interpol – Antics (Matador)
Cathy Davey – Something Ilk (Regal)
The Helio Sequence – Love and Distance (Sub Pop)
thisGIRL – Uno (Drowned In Sound)
For Stars… – It Falls Apart (Munich)
Senator – United Wire (Laconic)**
Powercut Productions presents – Clydebuilt (Powercut Productions)
Ally Kerr – Calling Out To You (Quince Records)
Rico – Violent Silences (Artful)
Oranger – Shutdown the Sun (Homesleep)
Read Yellow – Radios Burn Faster (Fenway)
Marshall Watson – The Time Was Later Than He Expected (highpointlowlife)
NormanOak – Born A Black Diamond (Secretly Canadian)
The Thermals – Fuckin A (Subpop)
Bark Psychosis – Codename:Dustsucker (Fire)
Daniel Patrick Quinn – Severed from the Land (Sulliven)
Tracer amc – Flux And Form (We Love Records)
The Scene Is Now – Songbirds Lie (Tonguemaster)
Republic of Loose
Various – Indiepop 1 (Rough Trade Shops)
The Flower Machine
The Sky At Night – Hope for Dummies ()
Brave Captain
The Kitchen
Badly Drawn Boy
Dogs Die In Hot Cars
Various – Yeah, It’s Supposed To Sound Like That….Volume II
(Colchester Recordings)
Ozric Tentacles
Black Dice

The Beauty Shop
Lee Petterson
Le Reno Amps – LP (Vanity Project)
20. Sons and Daughters
21. Gargleblast records ad
22. Uncle John & Whitelock
23. Red Bee Society

23. demonstration
Yellow Bentines
My Latest Novel
Muscle Bobby and the Hunks
Katy Bar The Door
Bike in Winter
Little Moscow
24-25. live reviews – T in the Park
26. My Latest Novel
Odeon Beat Club
Viva Stereo
Mother and the Addicts
Gig in the garden
27. Iain Archer
Half Man Half Biscuit
The Hector Collectors
Dr. Drakes ad
Gillies Audio ad
28. Benicassim
29. Wickerman
30. live reviews
John Otway
Neil’s Children
Mission of Burma
The Thermals
The Last Great Wilderness
St. Judes Infirmary
Q and Not U
Bullet Union
Titus Gein
32. Benbecula Records ad