itm? # 12 details

Sons and Daughter’s Scott
Paterson on their new record company:
"they’re real music fans. I can’t imagine signing with anyone
else now that we’ve signed to Domino,"

Geoff Martyn from
Jupiter and Teardrop on
leaving Glasgow: "Whether Glasgow’s ‘hot’ or not at the moment
doesn’t really matter to us. We’ve never really been part of a
scene here anyway.”

Jim Gellatly
talks to Simon Williams from
Fierce Panda: “You’ve got your bloody
awful headline pun which is ‘Glowing underground’ and you have
a really naff concept which is some geat bands from Scotland,
and that’s an NME feature in itself.”

Red Bee Society‘s Mark Baillie
on recording: "Usually, when you work with a big label, some
guy in an office picks up a producer for you and we don’t want
to get into all that until we’ve got a good idea of ourselves
and of what we want to sound like.."

Alex from
Thee Moths/Lipsick! on lo-fi vs. hi-fi-“I
think we both like the limitations that the equipment enforces
on us….certainly we won’t be ‘midi-ing’ up any time soon."

Uncle John & Whitelock
on their first gig venue: "it was suspended on rubber bungees
that bounced up and down, there was loads of earth outside it,
trees and a fence."

Paul Henry on their varied musical style:
"We will always reserve the right to play a jig / calypso
/ death metal workout at a moment’s notice"

Jonathan Carr on
Hoboken’s love of songwriting: "I, personally,
have no real interest in bleepy sounds for the sake of it – for
me there needs to be a hook and a good lyric."

Gargleblast Records’
Andy Millen on shoestring budgets: “
I wish I had a couple of million pounds… because there are so
many good bands that are not getting the chance to filter through.”

Howie talks about his reasons for putting
out the Deep Peace compilation:
"“I’ve got a couple of friends who have been involved
with Trident Ploughshares for quite a while and who
have both been arrested several times for protesting"

Plus: live reviews of:
"Tom’s growls are so intense the throbbing vein his
neck almost bursts mid way through the song."

and the Addicts whose
influences are unclear, whom you can’t pin down to any particular
genre, as well as one which is breaking practically every regulation
in the Handbook of Cool."

a full festival roundup, which notes that "
grin on Alex Kapranos’ face is as wide as the Clyde."

Undertones, Mission of Burma, My Latest Novel, Half Man Half Biscuit,
St Jude’s Infirmary, Wilco… and loads more
bands reviewed live… plus – nearly 100 record reviews, a bucketfull
of demos rated, news, upcoming events…

and as if that wasn’t enough – a FREE CD

Jupiter & Teardrop, The Decider, G-Plan, Scaramanga 6, Gum,
Le Reno Amps, Driverdown, Uncle John & Whitelock, and Lucky

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