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Mull Historical Society’s
Colin Macintyre on
the Tobermory ‘scene’: "Artists don’t have to reflect
where they come from but it’s good not to be another Camden outfit
– for me it always helps to go back where you came from"

Amanda from
The Kitchen on
making pop music: "People say they can imagine hearing the
songs on the radio. That’s not what we imagined, at all…
we always liked the thought of being a nasty band!”

Frank from
Marina Records on their Celtic roster: “We
were both fans of bands like Orange Juice, Josef K etc., so we
were always interested in stuff coming from Scotland.”

Kasino’s Gary Marshall
on CDs versus MP3s: "…putting out CDs is bloody hard work.
You need to get the stuff made (and paid for), you need to get
some sort of distribution sorted, you need to sort out reviews
and radio play… To be honest, we can’t be arsed with that…
We’re just interested in getting stuff recorded and sticking it
up there with the minimum of fuss."

on the Glasgow scene -"We don’t want to be one of these
bands that plays the Note every month and is happy with that."

Eamon of
Brtiish Sea Power on a less than happy festival
experience: "…then it went dark and the demons came out
and I pissed myself in a ditch."

Jim Gellatly
on this year’s T: "I’ve heard a few people moan about
the presence of poppier acts like Big Brovaz, Pink and Black Eyed
Peas, but it’s those sorts of bands that make T In The Park
stand out from most festivals.."

Scatter on state-funded
culture: "We’re almost
embarrassed to say we’re musicians…"

On the diverse sounds on show at Triptych:
“maybe it’s a breath of fresh air in a smog of self-conscious
whiners and faux-punks. Who knows?… Good music is good music,
and Triptych ’04 has been full of it.”.

Master on the Scottish media:
"Usually the Scots guy goes away and gets beat. He comes
back and we put him on all the front pages and we all love him.
[Then] you go away and you win something and the media seem disinterested
by it…"


live reviews of:
Furry Animals, who deliver:
" a glorious reminder of their off-beam brilliance.."

Flying Matchstick Men:
by the bastard offspring of Julian Cope and Roxy Music circa 1972.."

Blonde Redhead, Swimmer One, The Streets, Graham Coxon, Joy Zipper,
Terra Diablo, Charatans, Nectarine No.9… and umpteen more
bands caught live… plus – nearly 100 record reviews, a fistfull
of demos rated, news, upcoming events…

and as if that wasn’t enough – a FREE CD

Kitchen, James Yorkston / HMS Ginafore, Hoboken, Kasino, Twisterbait,
Ally Kerr, Freestyle Master, Scatter, Red Bee Society, &

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