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Interview Music (Empty Words)

By • May 1st, 2019 • Category: Album review

25 years old next year, the Scottish indie legends are still full of youthful energy.

However, this is a curious album in many ways – split between more contemplative self-produced tunes, and ‘classic’ rock Idlewild, with long-time collaborator Dave Eringa picking out their anthemic choruses.

Opener ‘Dream Variations’ sets out their stall, feedback-drenched guitar melding with piano on the main hook before the track breaks down into a dreamy coda, while recent single ‘Same Thing Twice’ could have been written early in the band’s history, its jerky rhythm recalling ‘100 Broken Windows’-era ‘wild.

Closer ‘Lake Martinez’ is as close as they get to their mid-period folky incarnation, but in the main this is a high energy release that shows this band aren’t giving up just yet.

‘Interview Music’ is out now. This article originally appeared in the Bellshill Speaker.

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