Gig review


Performing under the moniker of Huoratron, Finnish producer and Dj Aku Raski arrived at the scene as a Chiptune artist.
Since establishing himself in 2003 though, Huoratron has fast evolved in to an icon amongst electo fans, renowned for the intensity of his techno tracks, impeccable production and raucous onstage performances.

Situated in the underground venue of Chambre 69 and powered by the notorious Funktion one soundsystem, Huoratron delivers his unique style of cut throat electro-house. The crisp production of the bearded Finns work is of particular merit while his onstage demeanour is comparable to a heavy metal artist, headbanging throughout and thrusting his fists in time with the breakneck beat.

Local techno acts I Am Blip and Ross Hinton set the tone for Huoratron who opens with a low and steady bass grumble before bringing the track through the mud and on to a crescendo; Huoratron explodes in to action. The quality of the set does nothing to hamper the growing reputation the producer has earned. Points of notoriety within the two hour performance being his 2008 release ‘$$ Troopers’ while a glance from decks to audience accompanied by a wry smile cues the introduction of ‘Corporate Occult’. Somewhere between Anthrax and an orchestra of chainsaws, the track manages to push the Dj’s already substantial levels of intensity.

Huoratron is a no nonsense producer that gives exactly what it says on the tin. Those looking for subtle dynamics and intricate melodies may wish to look elsewhere but for sheer power, grit and an exceptional live show, look no further.