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How To Swim / Jesus H Foxx /Bobby King

How to Swim are a ten piece pop band from Glasgow, Scotland. They’ve been about for longer than they care to mention, but you know better than to inquire about a lady’s age. A revolving door policy in terms of line-up helps to guarantee that live, you’ll never see the same version of HTS more than once, something the band regard as a complete positive, and their unofficial MO. How to Swim write songs about corpses in underground stations, the disadvantages of partial blindness, love, death, sword-swallowers, deliberate disfigurement, anxiety and happiness. They could easily be your favourite band, if only you’d let them burrow into your heart and lay their little eggs. £4

Just added to the bill: Bobby King. Sadly no further information is forthcoming, so if you’re curious as to whether he’s from jazz trio the Kingfishers, an old mate of Ry Cooder, or the former singer from the Scars, you’ll have to come along. Though sadly we suspect it’s not the latter!

By Stuart McHugh

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