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The Third Degree (Marathon Artists)

By • Feb 12th, 2019 • Category: short players

This is one of most welcome returns of 2019 – BM is still listening to the last Honeyblood album ‘Babes Never Die’ on repeat, so wanted this like the deserts miss the rain (did someone not use that line, sorry).

This is a roistering rollocking rocker, with some heavy guitar and bass (or synth) with Stina’s vocals rising above, putting down some failed drama queen. As usual there is a subtle middle eight, this girl is and always will be a great songwriter, and the chorus is as catchy as the best school netball team…

Soooo, with the promise of a “full band” live appearance at Mono in May, an album in the works and other Scottish shows booked, this looks like a glorious return…

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