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Call Me/Leave Me (HS)

By • May 23rd, 2020 • Category: Single review

I relish the new sound which Home State delivers. As a result, their new track ‘Call Me / Leave Me’ jumped at me quicker than I could say ‘Jack Robinson’.

What a treat the New York band have given us here. It has a blend of all different genres; I hear a pop influence within the vocals, the music provides us with a solid feel, and the additional instrumentals including the keys bring an electro-pop vibe into the equation also.

It is the first track I have come across by Home State, who has the same name as another band. It must get confusing at times. Luckily, you know, you are at the right place when you hear the majestic performance on display by the New York lads.

‘Call Me / Leave Me’ gets under way with the vocals. It does not boast any orthodox intro which proves distinctive within the opening seconds. Vocally there is a similarity to Gary Barlow although I doubt that is intentional. It is most likely that only our British readers will know who I am talking about here.

The music ticks a lot of my boxes. It gets bolder and more energetic within the chorus section, which you would expect. However, I want a little more variance in certain parts; also, the ending could have been structured slightly different. It works, but the slow texture for me goes on too long, and they should pull it back somewhat to keep the energy alive. Nevertheless, we do get back to the bang, and the endorphin levels do rise once again.

Overall it is an excellent track from the group. They do not disappoint, and I can only imagine that this release will be sticking around for a long time to come. You can listen to ‘Call Me / Leave Me’ below. Also, be sure to follow them on their social media accounts.

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