Single review

History of Guns

Isn’t it funny how the mind works? Well, mine anyway. The drum-machine beat is joined by the incessant guitar riff and the gruff vocals kick in. “She’s got empty eyes,” is repeated several times before the vocals evolve into a more menacing growl. “We’ll bring her down – down to her knees…” the song continues, and without thinking I start singing to myself in a completely made-up German dialect. ‘Industrial’ music tends to have this stereotypical effect. On me, at least!

It’s amazing just how much the Rammstein influence permeates the subconscious, lying dormant only to be re-awakened by the rains of a regimented beat and deep, threatening vocals. There are also distinct punk influences evident in the vocals, which swing between a terse commanding style to the snarl of an early Johnny Rotten.

‘Empty Eyes’ is coupled with ‘..But I’ll Be Waiting’ on this ‘double –A side,’ release. Whilst the former track aggressively demands the listener’s attention, the latter is more like the subliminal whisper of a paranormal presence quietly requesting that you listen to – or better still, buy – this single. Of course to me, this subliminal whisper had a Teutonic accent! Never the less, it is the stronger of the two tracks, with more substance to it. OK, so there’s a bit of the Eighties going on. Killing Joke comes to mind. But it’s a very atmospheric track – quite scary, actually! The couple of piano breakdowns for instance would not be out of place in a Stephen King type movie soundtrack.

If you’re into Rammstein and / or Killing Joke, you will love this. If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, then that’s good – you’ll listen to this two-track release with an open mind and have your eyes opened.

(Those last four words should not be interpreted so much as a prediction, but more as a warning. You won’t want to have your eyes shut whilst listening to this!)