short players (Scottish) Single review


Glasgow-based Paul Hipson and Hugh Frizell are known collectively as “Hippy” and this is their new single, released 26 March. There was an album released last year and if this track is anything to go by, it should be worth checking out.

This is a steaming slice of classic rock, a slow burner and long at nearly five minutes, but it channels sounds from the decades, from Neil Young to Oasis (when they were good!). The lead vocal is plaintive and strong, there is a great guitar solo wigout near the end and it starts a bit like ‘The Killing Moon’, what’s not to like! Also the production job is great, with strings and acoustics building to a fuller band sound… It has an air of regret and world weariness, Americana as well but still happy in its own skin.

In any normal year a combo like this would be building a following through gigs and support slots but goddam it this and last year were not normal years… Definitely ones to watch!

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