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Her Next Friend

Disaster Casual (Antipoison)

By • Jul 7th, 2009 • Category: long players

Having previously been impressed by Her Next Friend’s surprisingly unique rendition of The White Stripes classic ‘Seven Nation Army’, I had high expectations for their latest offering ‘Disaster Casual’, I was, however, left somewhat underwhelmed. Aiming for a Southern Rock sound, the album is laden with powerful solo guitar riffs and drum heavy beats which end up dominating many of the eight songs on the album, which is perhaps a good thing considering the rigid vocals of singer John Burton which appear throughout.
Her Next Friend - Disaster Casual
Opening track ‘Don’t Answer The Phone’ begins with a punk feel reminiscent of The Offspring which soon deteriorates as the vocals begin and the attitude dies out. Heavy guitar and the welcome addition of keyboard provide optimism to ‘Don’t Get Real On Me, Man’ which again, sadly fades away with the lifeless vocals of Burton. His sombre lulls are perhaps at their best on ‘House With No Door’ where the slow beat compliments the vocal style and the closing guitar riff is left to shine without overpowering the whole song. ‘Girls At The Zoe’ is the most chirpy of the album and the one most likely to stick in your head thanks to the enthusiastic, summery blend of keyboard and guitar arrangements, benefited by the reduced level of vocal interference.

Overall this album is not a total disaster, the omnipresent polished rock riffs go someway in compensating for the dullness of the vocals, however, as the closing track poignantly reminds us, this is perhaps ‘One To Avoid’.

Her Next Friend - Disaster Casual

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