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Heir of the Cursed

This might be the first review that BM has done for a publication but wtf, they deserve it! Hosted by the always wonderful Glad Cafe, Gold Flake Paint have been doing online arts features and reviews for years and are very respected by BM and many others. Core team members Tom and Hannah were on duty to try and flog the latest issue 3 and it is a great read, ironic that the publication is going from online to physical while most others have gone the other way…

On BM’s arrival the wonderful Heir of the Cursed was doing her thing onstage. BM has encountered her before at the SAMA gig last year but again arrived late (a theme developing here) and there was quite a bit of chat and she was a bit drowned out.

This time it was very apparent she is a major talent and BM heard the last four songs of the maybe six song set. Playing solo with a guitar, she has a stage presence and the songwriting to match it. Not many song titles (and frustratingly not much online presence, or maybe BM has not looked in the right places… will keep searching). BM thinks one track was called ‘Walking Disaster’ but this appearance was far from disastrous!

She is playing Doune the Rabbit Hole in the “summer” and BM will hopefully be there for that as well.