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Happy Spendy (plus Bossy Love DJs)

Glasgow Camphill Gate (Saturday August 17th 2019)

By • Aug 24th, 2019 • Category: Gig review

Another Camphill Gate fundraiser, hosted by the marvellous Anna (local resident).

BM arrived too late to see Broken Chanter but he said he was good! The view from this 5 storey block is amazing, and as BM cast her gaze over in the direction of Bellahouston Park (where some others were waiting for The Foo Fighters to take the stage) the weather looked stormy but no rain in the sky, then BM realised she was leaning on the railings, part of the problem up here as they badly need replaced, so your imagine if your favourite music reviewer fell to her death from up here – just as well she is wearing a clean pair of knickers…

Happy Spendy gave us nine songs tonight, including a lovely Ronan Keating cover (‘Rollercoaster’) – their understated indie groove was much appreciated and there was a lot of love in the room (ok, it is a rooftop but it felt like a room!).

DJ Fantastic Man played some cheesy classics beforehand and afterwards both Bossy Love cohorts laid down some grooves… These shows have been taking place for a couple of years now, and there will be another Camphill Gate roof party before the winter comes, but for the time being BM just wishes them well on their fundraising trip and just maybe don’t lean too heavily on those railings…

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