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Half Man Half Biscuit

No One Cares About Your Creative Hub (Probe Plus)

By • Jun 8th, 2018 • Category: long players

After thirteen albums in 33 years, Nigel Blackwell and co may be mellowing. While earlier releases largely poked fun at minor celebrities and daytime TV to a chaotic punk rock backing, the band seem to have moved off the couch. Romance is on their minds – they’d love to “gaze upon your curves, instead of Ipswich Town Reserves”.

‘Terminus’, on the other hand, may detail the end of a relationship… or just the end, the line “Sorry, not in service any more” as doomily obtuse as anything on their downbeat classic, 1993’s ‘This Leaden Pall’.

Mind you, yuppies (or whatever they’re called now) still get it in the neck: “Picnics with craft beer / Elbow in Delamere”, while ‘What Made Colombia Famous’ rants about drug use, a most non-rock’n’roll subject for a band scoring their first-ever top 40 album.

In the end though, a minute of invective directed at people who organise batwalks shows that the Biscuits are most definitely back.

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