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Haiku Salut

There Is No Elsewhere (Prah)

By • Nov 22nd, 2018 • Category: Album review

It would be only too easy to run out of verbs when describing the third album from Haiku Salut.

An all female trio hailing from the rural English midlands, their previous two albums have met with very near universal praise from each and every publication which so much as mentioned them, and ‘There Is No Elsewhere’ is set to continue this tradition.

Utilising all of the ambient and electronic devices at their disposal, the Haiku Salut sound is a gently wafting, ambient and yes, ethereal one, albeit with a sequential grit at its undulating core. One part Ryuichi Sakamoto to two parts Sígur Ros, with a smattering of spatially energised repetition plus a live, not electronic drum sound, the ten tracks of ‘There Is No Elsewhere’ slip and slide into a cohesive whole with a seeming effortlessness that demonstrates Haiku Salut’s grasp of their instrumentation.

It’s a seamless, consistently mellow performance redolent of misty mornings up on the moors, the perfect soundtrack to an undemanding saunter across the nearest accessible hillsides.

Great stuff for home listening after a hard day’s internetting or similar, but I cannot help wondering exactly how effective their instrumental excursions would be in a live setting, music not so much for airports or elevators but perhaps for quiet pubs or gallery openings.

Play Loud.

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