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Hadda Be

Another Life (Last Night From Glasgow)

By • May 14th, 2021 • Category: Album review

Having already reviewed single ‘Wait In The Dark‘ as well as the album’s ‘title track‘, the fact that this is a great record comes as no surprise.

Formerly known as Foundlings, this London trio ooze energy, post-punk guitar lines, melodic female vocals and a spiky verve which is downright infectious.

Best tracks for BM are ‘Another Life’ itself which really lets rip with the buzzy guitar riffs and even has a chant (Sham 69 eat your heart out!) as well as the aforementioned ‘Wait In The Dark’.

There is also sophistication in the songwriting and a variety of textures which keeps the album varied and full of hidden hooks and corners. There are some acoustic numbers such as So It Goes’ which bookend the fireworks.

Hints of The Wedding Present, French chanson and classic 70s powerpop drizzle through the songs and there are some excellent choruses, guitar solos and darn catchy riffs – a hugely enjoyable and optimistic record.

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