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Grey Daze

Amends (Loma Vista)

By • Aug 13th, 2020 • Category: Album review

This is a very short and punchy album from Chester Bennington’s former band, recorded before their split in 1998 and now posthumously released following its 20-year unavailability.

Over 11 tracks it makes its points well – the state of the world, the injustice of it all and what we, as a society, need to do to make things better.

Bennington’s anger seethes, fizzes and bubbles through every single song. It’s as though he swallowed the New York Times and a bottle of Jack Daniels in equal measure every morning, before commencing work.

This is particularly true of songs such as ‘Sometimes’ and ‘What’s In The Eye’, where razorwire riffage underlines lyrics that positively crawl with venom and outrage. Both are there to serve the tunes, which have clearly been well-honed in sweaty little rock clubs basements long before they were allowed anywhere near a recording studio.

In summary then, this is a superbly enjoyable listen that clearly signposts the routes and paths Bennington would later travel with Linkin Park.

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