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Obsessions EP (Bandcamp)

By • Aug 8th, 2020 • Category: Single review

This new EP from Livingston two-piece goth-punks Gravelle gets off to a storming start with the completely in-your-face ‘Disappear’, a guitar-led wigout of massive proportions… god knows what it is about but it sounds pretty messy – it is actually quite poppy and catchy, a bit like Robert Smith having a few rounds (of wrestling that is) with the Sisters of Mercy… in Nick Cave’s garage…

‘Shedding Skin’ is a bit more understated, with electronic drums tracks and burbling synths – male and female vocals complement each other… There is a great guitar riff as well, and “dying to shed our skin” provides the main vocal output…

Track 3 ‘The Worst’ has heavily processed guitars (and more Cure references, not a bad thing) – it appears to be a ballad about Jonny and Mikey, doing not great things in their school – the main guitar riff kicks in like an angry horse, “They would never do it to you….”

Closer ‘Waste Your Time’ is mid-paced and electronic, until the guitars come in yet again, a righteous chorus – “waste your time with me”…

In BM’s opinion this is Gravelle’s best release yet and it is just gutting that they cannot be seen doing their thing in the flesh… anytime soon.

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