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Golden Teacher

No Luscious Life (Optimo)

By • Jun 1st, 2018 • Category: long players

This album came out last year but is now nominated for the SAY award – BM has not had the chance to catch Golden Teacher live but on the strength of this they sound very good indeed.

A techno, rap and soul collective based in Glasgow, they have shades of both Slam and Sly & the Family Stone, to these ears anyway.

A seven-tracker, the album has some pure funky beats. Starting off with ‘Sauchiehall Withdrawal’, it is like the Tom Tom Club stalking the late night Glasgow streets… The strong female vocals and syncopated backing track fairly rave it up…

Subsequent tracks ‘Diop’ and ‘The Kazimier’ do not let up the beat assault and the sound is infectious, combining electro and a live vibe, this is music for dancing to, make no mistake.

There are deep and throbbing beats here, for example ‘Shatter (version)’ and the last (and title) track is an eight minute epic which is almost ambient to begin with, then progressing, via dub effects and goodness knows what else, to what sounds like an almighty xylophone wigout – good grief!

A superb set of melting pot influences and a definite (now quite longstanding) addition to the Scottish music scene.

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