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Glasvegas / We Are Augustines

Prior to their self-titled release of 2008, Glasvegas could never have envisaged the successes that the coming years would bring and indeed the dent that the band would make on the indie-rock scene both at home and abroad. And so, seven months on from the bands latest studio release, there is an tinge of nostalgia amongst the sold out venue.

Hailing from Brooklyn, support act We Are Augustines arrive onstage. A timid three piece comprising of vocalist Billy McCarthy, bassist and keyboardist Eric Sanderson and drummer Rob Allen.
Beginning the performance alone with a vocal on guitar introduction, McCarthy bellows in to the mic for a moment that will prove to be the most heated of the bands short set and one that has you briefly asking “Where you going with this one, Bill?”
As the opening track ‘Rise Ye Sunken Ships’ subsides ‘Book of James’ follows in what is a beautifully crafted and lyrically outstanding effort. The band may have only been together for eight months but in this short time they have written a number of tracks that combine a strong personal touch and a raw truthfulness in their deeply emotive lyrics.
Ending on the upbeat and Springsteen-esk ‘Augustine’, We Are Augustines will continue to turn heads as they endeavour to light the embers of the now defunct act, Pela.

As Glasvegas arrive onstage vocalist James Allan appears relaxed and confident as he acknowledges the home crowd. A surprise trio of ‘Flowers and Football tops’, ‘Geraldine’ and ‘It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry’ open the performance, the latter seeing the band cease playing and give the audience the spotlight in what was a spine-tingling moment.
The start of the set certainly has a unique feeling that can only be generated by a band returning to their home town. This special atmosphere however begins to dissipate as the trio enter in to a catalogue of efforts from their new Euphoria/// Heartbreak\\\ album.
The performance is everything we have come to expect from Glasgvegas; technically solid, dark in material and an efficient, fit-for-purpose indie-rock concert. In some respects however, we could be back in 2008. A three-piece clad in black, mountainous levels of jangly reverb and simple drum patterns providing the backbone for a barely comprehensible lead vocalist. Unfortunately for the band however, we are not. Three years on and there has been little in the way of progression. A second album as thematically and stylistically dark as the first and a live show that has evolved little.