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Turn On the Big Machines (Glassmasterer Limited)

By • May 20th, 2021 • Category: Single review

Scottish-based artist Glassmasterer has released music in a variety of genres but this latest track is a full-on rave monster. Channelling influences such as The Prodigy and Squarepusher, this is a blast of electronic noise which burrows into the cranium and does not give up.

It is a party track for sure, although at times slightly queasy, as the sonic overload is really quite overwhelming – but anyone who likes this genre will not be disappointed, and it is by turns playful and aggressive – instrumental with a few spoken word samples chucked in as well, quite hilariously ‘Let’s be having you” and of course “Turn on the big machines”…

Old school in a good way, and in any other year could be a smash in the clubs…

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