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Giant Haystacks

This Is All There Is (Mistake)

By • May 9th, 2018 • Category: long players

There’s a decidedly punk rock feel to this compilation from defunct Californian trio Giant Haystacks.

There’s also an alien (to the locals) burr from ex-pat Scots singer Allan McNaughton, adding to the spiky jangle of the Postcard-esque guitars.

Influences come from around the world – opener ‘How We Lost The War’ is straight from the Bay Area. However, the jerky rhythm of ‘Rebirth Of Our City’ draws from Brits like Wire or Gang of 4, while ‘Slack Nail’ – the longest tune at almost three minutes – rocks like a slightly antsy Franz Ferdinand.

Downloadable at, for a whiff of real nostalgia, it also comes as a cassette with fanzine – just like the good old days.

This article originally appeared in the Motherwell Times.

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