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Georgia Kate

Sing Sang Sung (demo)

By • Jul 14th, 2011 • Category: demonstration

Georgia is a 16-year-old acoustic singer-songwriter from the borders, and her youth shows in this recording. Fortunately in a positive sense, though her influences shine through a little. KT Tunstall is an obvious one, though the purely acoustic sound is far removed from KT’s current (relatively) full-on rock sound. There is, sadly, a hint of that mid-Atlantic accent beloved of so many Scottish female singers at the moment, though it’s less contrived than most – more a throaty croak that is often used to convey emotion. However, this can be ignored given the interesting lyrics: “A man in a designer suit who’s never seen the sun”, and ‘My Swing’s complete shift in time signature and mood, like it’s two different choruses bolted together. Again, in a good way. Six tracks here, each one showing quite a bit of promise from a singer with plenty of time to develop.

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