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Ged Grimes

The Bard's Tale IV Barrows Deep Vol II (Original Game Soundtrack) (Heist)

By • Jan 30th, 2019 • Category: long players

This is a very moving set of songs. It has so many moods and feelings to get across – adventure, spirit, masculinity, pride, fear and love. Composer Ged Grimes – former bassist with Danny Wilson and currently with Simple Minds – employs a range of vocalists who add beautiful vocals to each track, full of soul and emphasis in equal measure.

The vocals add to the atmosphere of the soundtrack as they presumably do to the game – The Bard’s Tale being a video game series themed around Celtic mythology and the stories of the Orkney Islands. Grimes employs half-a-dozen of the top exponents of Gaelic song, including Kim Carnie (recently guesting live with Kid Canaveral offshoot Broken Chanter) as well as Ewen Henderson of folk rockers Manran.

The music sweeps you along slowly, to get close to your heart. There is a chill at the centre here, a stern-ness which one does not often find in either folk or acoustic music these days.

Their hearts are on their sleeves, guarded with cages of pride and intention. They mean to draw you in and to guide you through this world. They mean to mean something to you. And they do it all very sternly.

The softness, silk and sultriness of the Gaelic tunes here are well put in contrast by the bluntness of the English language. Together, they create scenery in your mind. For sure, your eyes will be fully fixed on the screen but your mind will be on other scenery, being painted by the notes in your ears.

The lyrics are delicious, serving up choice words and phrases without ever being too over elaborate or cliched.

The Gaelic Celtic mythology and the stories of the Orkney Islands ,

The music, on (mainly) acoustic instruments with occasional hints and tingles of electronics, serves them well. Key words and phrases are emphasised and the spaces inbetween allow you plenty of room to breathe.

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