short players (Scottish) Single review

Gates of Light

Gates of Light is a collaboration between members of A Band Called Quinn (Louise and Bal) in Glasgow, previous musical collaborator Kid Loco in Paris and Scott Fraser in London.

The track references Italian Renaissance sculptor Properzia de’ Rossi, who when denied access to marble, created beautifully intricate friezes on apricot, peach, and cherry stones (ok…!). There is something of the French chanson style about this, not least in the superb keyboard riff, the kind of timeless thing which reverberates up and down the decades.

Scott Fraser has also done a 7 minute remix which completely reworks the original musical backdrop, to somewhat banging effect! In fact BM also realises there is a Kid Loco remix (which sounds similar to the original but adds some vocal harmonies) as well, both on Bandcamp.

This track, available to hear on Soundcloud, trails the album, due for release on March 26th – BM for one can’t wait!