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Garden of Elks

There’s something to be said for brevity. Keep things lean, keep folks keen. So it is for Garden of Elks who race through the ten tracks that make up their debut LP ‘A Distorted Sigh’ in under 28 minutes.

The trio made up of Niall Strachan (Bronto Skylift), Ryan Drever (PAWS) and Paul Bannon (Lady North) call their raucous sound thrash-pop, an apt description that gets right to the heart of their intense, hook filled music.

Like a puppy straining on its lead, these tunes overflow with energy and enthusiasm with ‘This Morning We Are Astronauts’, ‘Swap’, ‘Smile’ and ‘Mountain Dew’ particular highlights.

‘A Distorted Sigh’ is tight, fast and very loud, a brilliant blast of pure pop delivered in a satisfying thrash of guitar, bass and drums. Go get it.

By David P Scott

Freelance photographer and writer

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