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Storm Clouds Gather (Rhubarb Music)

By • Jan 12th, 2011 • Category: Single review

I was sure that the label (Rhubarb) was simply a vehicle for releases by one Richard Haswell but the opening track ‘I See Them Coming Over The Mountains’ is a six-minute ‘drone’ of synthesized sound. All very nice for immersing yourself in… er, third track ‘This Is Where I’m At’ is, as far as I can tell a reprise of the opener, except that this one is 9 minutes long, and does, to be fair, alter in volume and intensity (albeit very subtly).
But if drones aren’t your bag, there’s… ‘Europe 80’ which kind of fits inbetween its two sonic bookends. A single guitar note that’s quickly joined by an electronic tone, then scratching, and eventually, percussion. And some more synthesised drone, which repeats… it’s also mesmerising, but in a more constructive way. And at under three minutes, practicaly a stab at the pop charts. Well, compared to what surrounds it!

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