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From Her Eyes

Demons (FHE)

By • Jul 18th, 2014 • Category: Album review

One thing that can be said about metalcore music – it’s emotional. While feelings and affecting thoughts might seem the last thing on the minds of those in a mosh pit, the genre itself has enjoyed a renaissance in recent years. And part of that huge popularity is the relative heartfelt lyricism that goes into its music.

Hoping to keep up this tradition and trend are Welsh outfit From Her Eyes. Releasing their new EP ‘Demons’, emotion is high and very much present throughout the work.

With tracks titles like ‘Decay’, ‘Comatose’ and ‘Dissolutionist’, it’s very easy to get swept along with a wave of cynicism. The image of the shouty, angry, highly hormonal teenager blasting out metalcore much to the ambivalence of their parents is a well-trodden and stereotypical one. The band here don’t do themselves any favours with these aforementioned tracks.

Not to judge a book by its cover, or in this case a song by its name, the music itself is actually very clever. Very much in the vein of Bullet For My Valentine and Funeral For A Friend, From Her Eyes have all the same showmanship on a fraction of the budget. The noise and sheer scale that this group has produced on their EP is commendable and does nothing but emphasise their own ability.

‘Porcelain’ is the stand out track, offering an encapsulated look at the band as a whole. Guitar, percussion and vocals come together for this wonderfully crafted song that epitomises everything a metalcore track should be. Forget the black hoodies and fishnet tights; this is emotional metal for the 21st century.

Being relatively new to the music scene, they formed in 2012; From Her Eyes have made a number of leaps and bounds in getting themselves heard. This new EP should stand as a marketable, respectable selling point for a group who are loaded with ambition and talent.

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