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French Wives

Me vs ME (Instinctive Raccoon)

By • May 31st, 2010 • Category: Single review

Possibly one of the more ‘tipped’ bands at present, this is the debut single from a 5-piece which is, in some ways typical a Glasgow act – hints of Belle and Sebastian and My Latest Novel for sure here – but, there’s something more.
Perhaps it’s the way they go from folky mawkishness to a kind of jiggy bounciness, like a punk rock Dexys Midnight Runners. Perhaps it’s the vocal which would be more at home on a 80s goth tune, or the general eccentric feel – there’s a little of the sound of Talking Heads but quite a bit of their own inventive streak. Either way, ‘Me vs Me’ suggests that perhaps we can believe the hype.
French Wives - Me vs. Me / Hyndland Weather Bear - Single

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