Single review

Fontaines D.C.

Fontaines D.C. have released a new single, ‘A Hero’s Death’, which shares the title of their forthcoming sophomore album – due for release on July 3.

The song has that familiar style the band asserted last year – the steady strumming of guitar, more for visceral energy than melody; the instrumentation acting as a brutish vessel for Grian Chatten’s poetic lyrics to spew forth. “Life ain’t always empty”, the upbeat hook bursting amidst a sinister-sounding descent of sharp chords; the verses’ lyrical content laid out like commandments for the life we should all be leading.

Grian’s words ring out with positivity, but the overarching feeling from the track points to a more menacing subtext at play. This is supported by the surreal video directed by Hugh Mulhern, documenting the twisted psyche of a late night talk show host. The band members feature as themselves patiently waiting in the dressing room, falling into hysterics as the host slips into insanity.

With this single the band continue treading a unique pathway, combining raw energetic musicianship with thought-provoking lyrics, enticing listeners towards the forthcoming album.