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Lust EP (folda)

By • Feb 10th, 2019 • Category: Single review

This debut EP from Edinburgh’s Folda has some very poppy, catchy moments but also some dark corners. Lead track ‘Unspoken’ uses vocoded voices, manipulated sounds and electronic backing percussion to build up a layered sound a bit redolent of Chvrches, but not in a copycat way. A pretty confident and assured track, it bangs away and is ripe for a whole heap of remixes.

‘In Writing’ has a similarly strong melodic and vocal lines, with a heavily processed electro backdrop. The overall effect is banging, to say the least!

The title track is a slower affair, almost a ballad, and emphasises the lead vocal, with a nifty guitar solo in the middle. There is still a lot of electronics in between the tune but it is not gimmicky.

The last track ‘Not Going’ is at over 4 minutes the longest and starts with an instrumental buildup before getting down to some bouncy vocal workouts. The track builds up a decent head of steam with the use of what sounds like a big synth pedal to get an abrasive bassy hum under the vocals and other noises, before conking out abruptly…

BM is going to take a punt on summarising the sound of Folda – “like Burial on speed” – you can have that one for free, lads!

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