Album review

Flare Acoustic Arts League

This is quite good… some good harmonies, it reminds me a bit of some things from the 80s – East Coast American and with some impeccable influences. It’s a double EP allegedly. Not sure who notices the difference these days but frightfully well thought out.

Things take an interesting twist with ‘Hideous Ethnic Stereotype’, lyrical content quirky and instrumentation varied. There are some good tunes here, just not sure overall what they are aiming at – maybe it doesn’t really matter.

I have to say I did not realise there was a Psychedelic Furs cover on here as well (take notice, Ed.) ‘Yes I Do’ is dispatched in the customary style.

This combo have edged into the American TV conciousness, probably the way to do it these days, with tracks on some series I’ve not heard of.

An interesting release, could be pretty successful if they have the luck.