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Fit and the Conniptions

... (demo)

By • Sep 7th, 2007 • Category: demonstration

Four tracks clocking in at nine minutes: lead Conniption Wayne Myers certainly doesn’t waste time. ‘Too Much Long Time’ is straight-forward rockabilly, with only a squeaky organ solo breaking up the urgent, strutting guitar. ‘Drinking on my Own Again’ is not quite as funny as it thinks, but the pace is quickly picked up on the comedy horror of ‘Freezeframe Shutters’. Fit and the Conniptions don’t seem to sure whether they are having a laugh or recreating fifties rock’n’roll: closing track ‘Storm’s Over’ has a nasty attack of funk, which the band are far too uptight to nail down.

Solid musicianship, a clear sense of humour and a familiarity with a range of styles- Fit and the Conniptions are probably a cheerful live proposition and this short, sparky collection is a solid trailer.

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