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Fire At Dawn

Fire At Dawn EP (download)

By • Dec 5th, 2014 • Category: short players

Fire At Dawn have a real pop nous (lovingly constructed melodies and songs sequenced in exactly the right order to let each aspect and idiosyncrasy of their collective personality shine right through) particularly on ‘Bad Trip’ (and I will be innocent here and assume that this means an excursion to somewhere which did not go quite according to plan) and ‘Run’ (believe me, you will if you here the state of mind these boys are in on this track).

They have none of the normal angst associated with guitar bands from their part of the world and, instead, have mournful and Deep (South) guitar parts, voices honed and tapered on the anvils of life experience and a refreshing dosage of enthusiasm and desire which makes them stand right out from the get-go.

Thus, we get strong hooks and robust riffs galore. There is a rightful and arrogant pride in the material on display here, all of it played strongly, played well and with every little sonic detail in exactly the right place.

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