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Fighting Kites / Broken Shoulder

Split EP
By • Oct 26th, 2011 • Category: short players

Split indeed. The Fighting Kites half of the album is head and broken shoulders above the rest. Good moments abound there, more sonic scrapes than the usual run of post-rock. ‘Fr…’ will remind the particularly stoned of Slint, and ‘Cat is Egg’ is a strangely nostalgic track that feels like the late 70s, complete with Thin Lizzy, Television and early U2 reference points. A decent guitar record but not much more, the thing about post rock is you should never be saying to yourself “This would be really good with decent vocals”.
As for Broken Shoulder, well, here are my relevant notes from listening: “You can imagine it being terrible live. It’s terrible on record come to think of it”; “maybe they let the cat walk across the keyboard there”. Firmly ensconced in the “I play guitar and 30 minutes later an album comes out” school of “I-don’t-care-I’m-signed” amour propre.
Split EP - Fighting Kites & Broken Shoulder
Split EP - Fighting Kites & Broken Shoulder

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