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Sum of All Your Parts (Easy Life)

By • Sep 16th, 2018 • Category: long players

Fatherson are going places – this new album, released September 14th, shows maturity and development for this Kilmarnock-originated outfit. They are meatier in sound, lyrically more complex and have more studio quirks in the music, in a good way….

There are some great tracks here – BM particularly likes ‘Nothing To No-one’ where Ross says “I have a way with words, at least I think I have”. And closer ‘Building A Wall’ is just incredible. Comprising vocalist/guitarist Ross Leighton, bassist Marc Strain and drummer Greg Walkinshaw, this is a band who have some influences (Biffy, Radiohead and others) but who have made this noise their own.

This record has some emotional and glorious moments and BM is keen to see how they reproduce this live…

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