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False Bliss

Ritual Terrains (Scottish Fiction)

By • May 16th, 2019 • Category: Album review

Some readers will recall Scottish indie band DTHPDL. Many won’t. Not because the renamed Edinburgh-based combo weren’t worthy of your ears, or making particularly underground sounds – quite the reverse in fact.

They are quite hard to pigeonhole, however – multi-layered guitar rock with swathes of synthesizers, making for music that would be dreamy if it wasn’t quite so raucous. Reference points could include Sonic Youth or My Bloody Valentine, though new tune ‘Tonic Banger’ is closer to Idlewild.

‘To The Forest’ is a bit dark and slightly sinister, but ‘Witching Party’ is jerky, staccato pop, and closer ‘I Will Eat Your Blood’ is a noisy rush, just the way an album should close – saving the best till last, and making for a sound, if not a name, to remember.

This article originally appeared in the Bellshill Speaker.

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