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Facts You Need to Know About Violins

For those who are interested to know how to play the violin or any instrument in general, it’s ideal that you do your research and obtain at least a handful of knowledge that will make you more appreciative of the instrument and its rich history. 

Here is some interesting information about violins that beginners should know:


  1. Italy has been considered as the primary creator and distributor of modern violins. One testimony is Stradivari who has created some of the world’s oldest, valuable, and most expensive violins around the globe.
  2. The violin, over time, became an important representation of various cultures as the compositions created reflected the history and significant events of these countries.
  3. Today’s modern violin design had been created for around 500 years. Its overall structure was said to be created by Andrea Amati during the 1500s.
  4. During WWI, Captain and violinist Fritz Kreisler used his aural sensitivity to locate the large artillery through listening to the changing pitch of the incoming shells across the sea. 
  5. Although Mozart is known as a pianist and composer, his father initially thought him how to play the violin as a kid.
  6. Some of the famous violinists were:
  • Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)
  • Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632-1687)
  • Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
  • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
  • Niccolò Paganini (1782-1840)



  1. Before the 19th century, the violin bow used to be shaped like a hunting bow and it wasn’t until Francois Tourte that today’s bow had been turned into a concave curve.
  2. It’s through the ‘sound post’ – a small dowel inside the violin – that the rich sound comes from. This part of the instrument receives the vibrations caused by the strings and then transmits this to the violin itself.
  3. The violin has a very complex structure as it has 70 pieces of wood that are placed together to create the modern violin.
  4. The bow of a violin has at least 150 to 200 hairs that can be made of either nylon or horsehair. 
  5. In the beginning, the violin’s bows were made of sheep gut, solid and stranded steel, synthetic, metal, and even silver until today’s modern bow hair component.



  1. Playing the violin for an hour can help you to burn at least 170 calories which is almost equivalent to 20-30 minutes of a typical ab workout.
  2. Violinists are considered to have more developed cognitive skills and larger brains than an average person which in turn helps them to have better decision-making skills and easily cope with changes.
  3. Since both the right and left parts of the brain are required in playing the violin efficiently, this made a violinist’s brain gain more control over almost all areas of their hands compared to an average person.



  1. Career opportunities for violinists do not only revolve in playing in an orchestra. They can also become a violin instructor, soloist, and become an internet icon through recreating various famous songs of today’s century by making use of the authentic sound of the violin.

Last but definitely not least, do not expect your violin to sound like those you’ve heard from movie soundtracks as the first attempts at playing the violin will consist of noise and buzzes until you get comfortable in learning how to hold a bow.