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Exit Group

Adverse Habitat (Castle Face)

By • Nov 22nd, 2018 • Category: Album review

This punk rock thing just isn’t going away. From somewhere in California, Exit Group bring us a noise whose familiarity could alienate as many listeners as it attracts.

Every track on ‘Adverse Habitat’ powers along like a very fast vehicle with slipshod brakes, complete with angular timings, atonal guitar effects, one word song verses, squiggly electronics : we’ve been there before, but Exit Group are there now and if you need a lively sounding guitar album by a deeply obscure US combo to get yourself going properly, you can definitely do worse than ‘Adverse Habitat’.

The ghosts of Devo lurk unseen in the background, the murky scufflings of The Residents cast a shade or two across the mixing board, and the shambling rhythms of The Membranes are also present as Exit Group channel their favourite influences into a ten track symphony of grubby meanderings, without losing the plot entirely.

I would have liked to add a website link to this review but, determined obscurantists that they are, Exit Group refuse to make concessions to their potential listeners so you’ll just need to buy the album if you want to hear any of their skewed take on artpunk, or you could just dig out your scratchy old X Ray Spex / Lurkers / Cabaret Voltaire 45s instead.

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