Gig review


Here’s a top tip: never book a gig on the same day as a major sporting event. As people gave their Saturday up for the footie, the city’s pubs and venues were noticeably devoid of punters, which leads to Evol’s headlining show being slightly underpopulated. This proves to be a real shame given their new line up, new sound and general new brilliance.

They’ve lost a guitarist, changed their name (formerly known as Transfer Audio) and have taken on what seems a new attitude. The drummer’s new, too, and with him comes a formidable source of power. Their songs are still synthy, edgy and reminiscent of Cocteau Twins, but now sound as if someone has taken a sledge hammer and smashed them out of the eighties and into the now.

Tracks are loud, brooding and tempestuous. There are moments of At The Drive-In volume and ferocity which leave me speechless. They open with a bowed guitar casting an eerie backdrop to the night, and throughout their relentless set the energy and determination to perform, even if no one’s here, gives them an air of polished artistry.

They’ve been in the studio, they tell me, and working on perfecting their sound; it shows. With an EP out in the summer, and their next show on July 1st in Captain’s Rest, catch them before they catch you.